Dr. Apurva Mathankar, CSCS, NSCA GC INDIA

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Dr.Apurva Mathankar is the Education Director of NSCA GC India and the co-founder of Strength and Conditioning Academy, India. After earning her postgraduate degree in physiotherapy, Dr. Apurva gave vent to her passion for bridging the gap between treatment and training. She integrates strength and conditioning principles with rehabilitation, which makes her a popular return to sport professional in India. Her journey with NSCA is also to be cherished as her hard work has completely changed the strength and conditioning profession’s face in India. She believes the body works in a completely integrated manner and thus, the training needs to be with a holistic approach. Hence, capitalizing on the biomechanical principles and the quality of movements is the key to the success of the athletes’ performance.

Dr.Apurva Mathankar has given multiple professional presentations and has also published research papers in national and international journals. Currently,  Dr.Mathankar has a vision of uniting the treatment and training strategies for the betterment of the athletes, and thus, her specialization and work toward “ return to sport “ continue.

Integrated return to sport approach to speed development post Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries

Lecture & Practical session
As a strength and conditioning professional, one of the most important roles is to rebuild the injured athlete back on the field with the help of a multidisciplinary team. Apurva Mathankar being a physiotherapist and a strength and conditioning professional will try to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and high-performance training including speed development post ACL injuries.
This session will include the
Common consequences of ACL injuries
Reasons and risks of re-injury and why developing correct speed mechanics is important
Step-by-step hands-on speed development approach at different phases of return to sport in the athletes who have suffered the ACL injury.