Dr. Christian Richter, biomechanist & data analyst

Dr. Chris (Richter, biomechanist & data analyst)

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Dr. Chris Richter has been working in academia, science and industry.During his career, Chris has authored / co-authored 70+ peer-reviewed papers, reviewed for 15+ scientific journals and has given 10+keynotes (movement analysis & data analysis). Chris has worked in health care (Head of Data Analytics and Innovation at the SportsSurgery Clinic in Dublin), professional sports (EPL and NBA; Biomechanical consultant at Total Performance) and Life Science (SeniorApplied Researcher at Kaia Health). Chris has a passion for bridging the gap between movement capture technologies used to record data and the (automated) delivery of meaningful insights. He has a passion for solving riddles, improving processes and experimenting with the unknown. This led Chris to be a fascinated user of machine learning in sports and medical science.

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Dr. Chris Richter hat in der Wissenschaft und in der Industriegearbeitet. Während seiner Karriere hat Chris über 70 peer-reviewed Artikel verfasst / mit verfasst, für 15 wissenschaftliche Zeitschriften begutachtet und 10 Keynotes gehalten (Bewegungsanalyse und Datenanalyse).Chris hat im Gesundheitswesen (Leiter derDatenanalyse und Innovation in der Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin), im professionellen Sport (EPLund NBA; biomechanischer Berater bei Total Performance) und im Life Science (Senior Applied Researcher bei Kaya Health) gearbeitet. Chris hat eine Leidenschaft dafür, die Lücke zwischen Bewegungserfassungstechnologien und deren automatisierterAufbereitung zu schließen.

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research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Chris-Richter

twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisRichterPhD

google scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=tyHMfeQAAAAJ&hl=en

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