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Art Claas van der Heide ist MIND-SET-basierender Performancetrainer und ehemaliger Offizier, der in der Spezialeinheit der deutschen Armee diente. Er ist der Gründer von HEARTCORE Athletics, wo er eine Kombination aus Fitness- und Mentaltraining anbietet, um Militär-/LEO-Personal und Fitnessbegeisterte dabei zu unterstützen, ihre Gesundheit und Leistung selbst in die Hand zu nehmen. Art blickt auf fast zwei Jahrzehnte praktischer Erfahrung in der Fitnessbranche zurück, darunter die Gründung und mehrjährige Leitung von CrossFit Kokoro, Deutschlands erstem militärischen CrossFit-Partner. Er ist ein internationaler Referent zu den Themen Functional Fitness und Mindset Training.

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Art Claas van der Heide is a mindset-based performance coach and former army officer who served within the special forces branch of the German army. 
He’s the founder of HEARTCORE Athletics where he coaches a combination of fitness and mindset training to help military/LEO personell and fitness enthusiasts take ownership of their health and performance. 
Art is looking at nearly two decades of practical experience in the fitness industry, including founding and running Germanys first military CrossFit Affiliate, CrossFit Kokoro, for several years. He’s an international speaker on the subjects of functional fitness and mindset training.

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TED TALK- Mindset

Effective use of kettlebells for task-specific training in military/LEO populations

Unconventional warfare asks for unconventional training solutions. While professional athletes have constant access to a fully equipped gym and extensive time slots for their physical training tactical athletes have neither. 

Most soldiers and police officers have to deal with pains and aches due to the demands of their jobs. Conventional Gym-training rarely solves these problems.

The use of kettlebells offers a time-efficient and effective strength and conditioning training possibility in many circumstances, due to being more portable than most other gym equipment.

In this session you will learn about the pros and cons of kettlebell training for tactical populations and some of the unconventional kettlebell training exercises I used to work with the German Special Forces population in Afghanistan to keep the best getting better. 

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