Oliver Velevski, RKC Mastertrainer

Professional References and Certificates:

Master Professional of Business Management (CCI)

Bachelor of Technical Management (CCI)

Nutritional Science and Health Management:

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Applied Nutritional Science (sports university of Freiburg)

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Health & Sports Performance (sports university of Freiburg)

Strength and Conditioning

CEO Strength and Conditioning Coach (SCC) lvl 1

Senior RKC Germany, RKC II, RKC I, HKC, PCC certified professional
International Head Instructor for Bandbell Kinetic Training, Europe

Gymnastic Bodies Athlete (GB-Athlete) certified professional
FMS I+II and SFMA certified professional
Prof. Dr. Stuart McGill Backfitpro I+II certified professional

German Fitnesstrainer and Athletiktrainer-Licence

Further reference:


Effect Of An Unstable Load On Deep Stabilizing Muscles During The Bench Press

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